Monday, March 9, 2009

Am I blue, or purple.

I heard my little girl at the park today telling another little girl that that was her mother over there, the one that looks just like a bratz doll, (cause we both have long hair) I actually look nothing like a bratz doll more like kathy bates in birkenstocks but it was a sweet moment. My little girl thinks I am good enough to be a bratz doll. She is three and a half. It will change. Kind of a bittersweet moment. This spot is supposed to have a purple picture to be in the round robin. This picture is the only one I could find with any purple in it. Sorry Zia mARINA. vALERIE


  1. hahahahaha, you're such a bratz!!
    sophie is so adorable!

  2. that is funny! ;) they are sassy just like you! you should put makeup on like them...if i don't focus on sophie's dress to close it could pass for purple!

  3. oops, i forgot an o in too!