Monday, March 23, 2009

The certain shunning of Sophie Jane Newman

I took Sophie to the upscale park, here in Woodbridge Va, the other day. She was the only child not dressed in Laura Ashley from head to toe. Another mother with a tiny fairy confection of a daughter approached her and asked her to play ball with her daughter. She told Soph to throw the ball to her little girl which Sophie did, executing a perfect spiral and landing it squarely in fairy girl's nose. The ensueing screaming was more in line with being clubbed with a broken beer bottle not a nerf football. I have always suspected Sophie was more the Tanya Harding not Nancy Kerrigan type. She loves high heels, lipstick a feather boa and absolutely nothing else, but she is a something of a ruffian. I am so proud of her. Valerie


  1. hmmmm.... roller derby is really popular around here! we really are your people. come soon, we miss you! love, kat

  2. oohhh..I missed this post: saw the one before this, and the latest, but I did not see this one. How did that happen? :-)
    Is Lucy wearing a pink hat?

  3. love ya, Sophie!!! she is really going to enjoy reading about herself in the future, huh? miss you Kat!