Saturday, February 28, 2009

thank you Dixie Chickens

It had been a horrible day, my sister fired me, as her sister. I didn't know that could happen, nothing dramatic, Donald Trump wasn't there or anything. It was none the less sad, she also resigned as Sophie's godparent. I cried more about this then I can remember. Anyway on a day when it felt like I would never smile again My tiny darling cheered me up. We were listening to the Dixie chicks and she asked me how they played the guitar. "Do they use Their beaks?" She thinks they are actual little chickens. It must be really fun to be three and a half. And maybe a little confusing. We had a mouse death today and I put the mouse in the trash. Sophie asked if the trash was heaven? The mouse was dead. Dead things go to heaven and the mouse was in the trash. perfect logic. She is building an interesting view of heaven. Our dog Lucy died not long after Grandma and Grandma's little dog C.c. as well. Sophie asks pretty often if they have enough dog food in heaven. So now Grandma has a mouse as well. She won't be pleased. She (my mom) thought I was single handedly bringing back the bubonic plague by not killing our mice. More ramblings from Valerie.


  1. The part about using the beak to play the guitar is really precious [and makes sense too :-)]!!!!
    So glad you're recording all the funny things Sophie says.

  2. oh friend, i am so sorry you had such a crap day. i hope it all goes the way you want it to. i don't think i will ever envision the dixie chicks the same way again, love 3 year old wisdom! it's sort of a bummer when they get older and say things correctly ;) (and sassier!)

  3. Oh Pal, I miss you and Sophie already........come back..and bring the little sweet darlin' and stay for're killing her, she just wants to play with the boys! Her little runny nose and cold hands and her little tiny cold feet...from running amuck! I can't wait for your return, boy you make me so's almost sappy! I have missed you so.
    The gold is pitiful...I must tell you...You are a funny Chicken. Please don't fret, I'm here forever.
    Looking out the window incase you drive up. I better give you a key.
    Love your chicken friend..bak bak bak