Sunday, December 28, 2008


My mom passed away two days ago. It has been a horrible time and I'm not really sure why I'm putting it in a blog. I haven't called any of the people, except Bob, who are close to me because I just can't face it. I keep feeling like I am walking at the bottom of the ocean and that this can't be real. But it is. Thanks to everyone who has read my blog and left comments. This has been my touch stone to sanity and the real world. Things will return to normal in a few weeks and I know it won't always be this bad. People up here have been very very kind. On christmas day we had to rush to the hospital because mom wasn't doing well and the staff had gathe4redd about 100 gifts for Sophie and wrapped them so that she could have something to unwrap. A complete stranger held my hand and prayed for me. That really helped. I don't even know who she is to thank her. My mom's father in law always called her Glorious, instead of Gloria and she really was. I am glad I was able to be here this year to be with her and to let Sophie know her grandmother. We are taking her body to Utah next week to bury her by her mother. I hope she is with her mother now. My wonderful hsuband gave me the freedom and his blessings to stay here and care for her and I will always be so thankful to have him. Anyway more later as life returns to normal. I never know what to write in these situations when they happen to someone else. I just usually try ot move to another country to try to escape the pain. So for all the people I didn't help, I'm really sorry, I didn't understand. Love to all my friends. Valerie

Friday, December 26, 2008

poor little nadia

Not a creature was stirring, except stewart little, maisy and Nadia Commenichi. We have captured 3 mice, just 475 more to go. We catch them by leaping and screaming and pushing them into a brita water filter pitcher. When it is warm enough we will release them into the wild. Or the neighbor's back yard. Poor little Nadia got her name because she usually is hanging from the mesh ceiling, little tears running down her mouse cheeks and splashing onto her tiny little medal.

Friday, December 19, 2008

baby Jesus barbecue

Merry Christmas to all, this is Sophie's baby Jesus barbecue scene. She puts the mangers together and has the Jesus Families drive in a mini van to each other's homes. The wise men and the sheep look as if they were in a bad mini van accident on I-95, it was really Sophie and a red sharpie. That also explains the blood of the lambs on some of the lambs. Sophie added the lounge chairs and the giraffe. I think the Jesus's would be pleased. She has shunned the oversized wiseman who she thinks is carrying a hat full of barbaque chicken, and she thinks the angel is the blue fairy. It may be time for a crash course in Religion. I am asking anyone who reads this to list their favorite Christmas tradition. My favorite of course is the soon to be annual Christmas barbecue. Our only tradition other than that is the annual fight over the christmas tree. when to get it when to decorate it, do we really need all this crappy Christmas music, that's Ebeneezer Bob's addition. A few years ago when he wouldn't go to get a tree the night i wanted I went by myself. The tree fell of the top of my V.w. bug and was run over by a truck and two cars. I took it home anyway and cut off and enormous amount of thumb meat while trying to make it fit in the tree holder. The tree had huge empty chunks that the tires took out and my own blood. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight. Valerie

Saturday, December 13, 2008

ho ho ho

These are pictures of Christmas spirit in my neighborhood. It's not my yard, mind you, my yard still has a fine sheen of Halloween cob webbing, but belongs to my quirky interesting neighbors. Happy Christmas. Valerie

Monday, December 1, 2008

Help, Help

I am sending out a desperate plea for help. Anyone having a broken breadmaker that they would like to get rid of, I would love to have it. I will gladly pay shipping. I need this because I threw away my mother's broken breadmaker. If you have been following this blog you know I am staying at her house looking after her as she has cancer. I spent the first few months at her house (it's been a year now) playing clean house and throwing out things like her broken breadmaker and her vast collection of M.C.Hammer pants (no lie, she was saving them because she was convinced they would come back in style) Why you ask would anyone throw away their mother, who has cancer's beloved broken breadmaker well the answer is I am a horrible person and in fairness she has every cooking item even invented and can't cook a thing. Now she is feeling better she is playing pioneer. we (I mean me) chop wood, hang our clothes on the line and grow our own vegtables. If there was a stream near by i would be required to beat the clothes on a rock. Anyay I told her the bread maker was in the basement with the other broken useless items we save forever in case someone in our family opens a broken humidifier store. Any way I have had to develop a whole story around the breadmaker but she is threatening to go in there and search. The humidifier avalanche would probabally maim if not kill her outright. She handled the news of terminal cancer well but hearing of the breadmaker's demise would prove too much for her. She would begin her own private jihad. I can't afford any more jihads. It was the breadmaker that looks like r2 d2 from starwars. I would really appreciate it. Thanks and Happy Holidays. Valerie