Friday, April 10, 2009

Matilda Jane Newman

Welcome new baby dog, Matilda to the Newman household. We got her from Recycled Paws in Lexington North Carolina. 10 hours of Sophie in the car saying "are we there yet?", which started 7 minutes into the trip, one ticket and one episode of puppy dog car "sickness" later and we are home. She is a great little dog. Anyone looking for a dog, check out Recycled Paws. There is a really nice girl runnig the place, she has been rescuing pets since she was 12. They still have Matilda's cute little brother there. Marina took the pictures at the thrift store for me. Valerie

Link to the ad at, the temporary home of 273,898 adoptable pets from 12,536 adoption groups

Monday, April 6, 2009

triple x

I was so impressed with how many people looked at my blog, utnil I discovered that when people come looking for the movie "little Nadia" with the triple x rating they get my blog. imagine their surprise. Valerie

Friday, April 3, 2009

queen of the bland

I spent 5 hours with my mother in law today, Bob's fault. He is punisheing me for the past year's absence. Anway we usually go to McDonald's her favorite she gets the absolute same thing every time but this time she strayed off the reservation getting a sundae, I am her interpreter so I asked what kind of Sundae she wanted. PLAIN! Who on earth gets plain? If you have ever wondered if perhaps you are boring the test is- given any toping on a sudae would you pick Plain, if the answer is yes, then yes you are indeed boring. And your Queen is currently residing in Hampton Va, More spiteful comments from the life of Valerie.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

singing sophie

Sophie was singing the Pocahontas song, one line apparently goes "You think I'm an ignorant sandwich" sometimes she is an ignorant sandwich but aren't we all, sometimes. Actual line of song goes "you think I'm an ignorant savage" I apologize to you, who have that song stuck in your heads now for the next three days.