Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a small good thing

It's very lucky for moments like these, they balance the rest. Today she painted her eyebrows with Orange sparkle nail polish. Put her hands on her tiny little snake hips and announced. "That's it no more water for you." She will not be my caretaker when I'm old, or older, that's for sure. Valerie

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

spooky tart

I am writing this quietly, huddled in a back bedroom, listening for the tiny patter of plastic feet tiptoing up the stairs. Today I found spooky tart in the basement, She is a doll that a neighbor giave us. I love the neighbor, but am less enamored with spooky tart. She is I guess a lolita doll. She looks like a five year old with perky breasts and makeup and little plastic feet made for high heels. Anyway when I went downstairs to the spooky basement I found her laying on a mattress with a pillow under her head. Earlier in the day she was leaning in her usual sad neglected slutty way against an old couch. I know i saw her because when I did I remember thinking I could use her to get on the carpool lane. I guess we will just brick up the basement and wash our clothes down in the creek cause I am never going down there again. I wanted to get rid of spooky tart last year but couldn't think how. She was a gift so I couldn't give her to one of the neighbors. I couldn't bring myself to put her in a plastic bag and put her in the trash and I couldnt bring her the the local thrift stores, my neighbors go there. I had visions of throwing her in a dumpster, someone seeing her and thinking it was a child (a slutty one, calling the police and it making the news. The neighbors would recognize their doll and hate me. A lot of thought goes into this. I can't bear to see toys thrown away, I mean dolls and stuffed animals, not puzzles or anything. I rescued a stuffed animal that someone threw away and I couldn't bear to see it lying on the road I had to pass it everyday on my way to work. It was a white bear with a red bow lying right next to the hampton roads bridge tunnel enterance. 8 months pregnant and drunk with hormones I got out of my car to run rescue the bedraggled bear. I know that all the people in traffic were saying "OH Fred, give that rally poor crazy old pregnant woman a dollar. Sophie has 11 million toys so she doesn't need any more but I always imagine they are laying there wondering what happned. Anyway I digress, if something happens to me tell the world that it was Spooky Tramp. Pictures of her to follow when it is light outside. Valerie P.s. Sophie seems to be flashing a gang symbol in the second picture so not only is our basement haunted but sophie is a Crip, those are her gang colors.

Monday, October 13, 2008

greyhound rescue

You know how it always seems like everybody elses family gets to go on vacation and have what looks like a pepsi commercial going on. This rarely happens for us but it did this weekend. My brother took us (Mom, Sophie and me) to a greyhound rescue reunion in Dewey Beach Delaware. (mom had a rescue greyhound for 10 years, she loved that dog) Everything went right, the weather was great, we laughed a lot. there were one million nice people with their rescued greyhounds and there was pizza. Thanks Scott, this will be a day we always remember. The tiny pumpkin queen was angry because she wanted to go play with new friend Zuess, actual name Jesus, but she can't pronounce that. Valerie

Friday, October 10, 2008


We are all up at Walter Ried again, for Mom's chemo. Things have been going really well, She seems to be doing well, Sophie is being good and at the moment there have been no major fights. Funny thing is now I feel like sobbing. I am scaring my three year old to death. she keeps saying "Mommy, what's wrong" Don't know whats wrong. Either I feel comfortable enough now to have a good cry and picked a very public time or this just seems like a good time for a complete breakdown since I am already at the hospital. Someone was nice enough to ask about adding me to their circle or friends or something like that. I tried to answer yes but ended up frying the whole computer. So if someone from homeland security shows up at your house I apologize. valerie