Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the brown pants

I went shopping for more grown up clothes the other day. I found the most perfect brown trousers. I was sort of pleased with them, sort of strutting around the dressing room, when I made a fatal error in judgement. I viewed the rear end. Instead of viewing my rear end I was looking at sponge Bob squarepant's rear end. Really, slap a pair of tube socks on me and I could be his stunt double. Too upset to go on. Home again in Norfolk, I have to take my mother in law for a scan of her brain. It will look something like a beach ball with a b.b. rolling around in it. take that karma. Valerie


  1. At least the appointment won't eat up too much of your time!!!!!!!

  2. It's like dog years. Each precious moment is like 70!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Valerie

  3. oh, my gosh, Valerie, You're crazy.....

  4. I'm not sure what is funnier, the brown pants, the brown cow or the thought of you with the mil getting a braian scsan..What's the purpose?
    Alwyas taking money from old feeble folks for what reason?
    I miss you!
    Love CAssie
    Squeeze sweet Sophie Jane Newman for me!
    Tell her the "kids" say hey!

  5. did you start your book notes yet?! you'll thank me one day for all this pressure funny lady ;)