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My wonderful friend, Cassie Matthew, has started a program in Richmond. She is feeding and clothing people who are down on their luck.. I am, without her permission, going to post her letter to me so you can see what kind of things she needs. I am hoping my massive following (8 so far) will read this and chip in things they don't need, I will come to your house (unless you are my one tasmanian reader ) and pick it up and take it to Richmond. Write me if you have anything you want to send. Thanks very much. Valerie

These are pictures of us in college 100 years ago. picture on the left is me, betsy bouffant and cassie

Dear Friends

Free Market was a beautiful sight today, again folks are lining up for food & wares before 9, doors opening at 10. Several families had to be turned away because of the zip code, we just don't have enough food to serve them all. Of course before you scream....Jeannie never lets them go empty handed...but there is a system in place to help them all.

We served about 60 families today(over 100 bags of food/fresh meat), and several are not in the zip code, several were served last week and still wanted more food, some were just hungry (Randy whispers thank-you). One friend, Deborah, asked for food she can just eat out of the can/box, without heat, gas, microwave but no electricity, she was honest to say" I got my bag last week at another church", "I was given chicken but have no way to cook it". "I tried to give it away." No electricity, I've been to her home, I forget who went with me in Sept. but she collected water in buckets all around her place. When we drove up, her home is beautiful,
who would guess, she lives in an older house, probably belongs in her amily. She's old enough for SSI, but hasn't yet filled out her paper work, no ride and doesn't quite understand. Her sisters are responsible for her care, the system in place for her is not working. She was
carrying magnolia leaves in her bag, she said "I found them on the ground, is it OK that I keep them?" Guys she might be "slow" she is not stupid, she is the most beautiful woman you have ever witnessed. She refused my ride home, she walked away in her mans coat, mens shoes that do not fit, and her one bag of non perishables...Deborah. She's well into her 60's. She breaks my heart. Pray for her, and so many like her.

We were short on wares, linens, and baby items,... sheets arrived by Patty C. at 6pm last night...6 bags of sheets, beautiful sheets, all gone today. We had NO baby items, Kelly rolls in last night at 9pm...........Filled was her car with Baby gear (Sharon B. & Joy G.) and housewares...GONE..two hours and it's all gone. The desk from the trailer was so LOVED, the lady who took it has just got her first apt. for her & her daughter. Charmaine & Chelsea, she bwled when Megan D. & Kristen D. (teens 15 & 1/2 years old) came in with their own clothes that fit her daughter Chelsea! First hand they clothed that child! It was a beautiful sight, those girls LOVED that lady, loved her as Jesus calls us to love. It's hard for me not to go on and on, but there are great things happening, God is everywhere in it, we prayed a beautiful prayer, and the day was just as God planned it, no food left, wares all gone, gave with all we

Needs: Men's jeans: (T.C. needs jeans w- 32/34 (L-36) he needs size 13/
14 shoes, beautiful man, not past 30.)
Marcus needs 38/40(w) 32 (l)
Jennifer has a newborn and needs a bed.
Charmaine(sp) needs all types of furniture and furnishings, has nothing but a desk!(NHPC donation)
Diane: has a great need for a Washer & Dryer for Diane, grandmother caring for twin 5 year olds (size 8) & 15 month old. Their mother is 27 with Jaw cancer, in the throws of surgery & chemo, grandma is not functioning well. Her twins, size 8 (K) need uniforms, white shirts, blue
pants or khakis.
Toiletries, new & used all, hygiene products needed.
CLOTHES: If you donate clothes, I and my pals have to sort them ALL...if you label them or put them all together in like bags, my time would be better spent.
Housewares:glasses, cups, dishes, pots & pans, small appliances, coffee makers flatwares, rubbermaid
Linens: sheets towels, blankets, throw rugs comforters
Table chairs
NOT ACCEPTED: books Please hold off on clothes unless it's above items, under ware, socks, coats & gloves will always be accepted.
God is so good to me, I pray to make a difference in my lifetime, for Him, and His kingdom, for my children, for the people. God has blessed our home, I pray I will be a blessing to others. I am so grateful for my friends, for those God has put in my life. I thank you deeply for your
heart, your time, your listening ears, your hands, our new friends who braved coming forth.
Thank you......May God Hear our prayers,
Set up Friday 1/30 9:30 -12 7p-9
Love Cassie

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  1. wow! your friend Cassie seems so dedicated and passionate about helping the unfortunate people..... Very admirable!
    Great picture of you 100 years ago: you still looks like that!