Monday, February 2, 2009

Ironmom Triathalon

I have decided to enter the ironman triathalon, running up a mountain barefoot, swimming through an active volcano those things seem easy compared to a morning with the tiny alkhaida operative, Sophie Jane Newman. The Iron mom triathalon would consist of dressing the tiny three year old. then redressing her after she took all her clothes off to dance, then running up the stairs shattering your ulna to find her teetering in highheels and a cinderella dress at the top of the stairs, at this point you would lose 3 points if you staple gun her tiny little umermaid underpants to her tiny little bum. next part of the obstacle is to feed the dog and let her out in the yard, then feed the cat, find out there is very little cat food left, run upstairs to dress yourself , come down to find that sophie le the dog back in and he ate the remaining cat food, cat is screaming that she is starving. put dog out lock the deadbolt, feed the cat a can of vienna sausages, come back down to discover that Sophie can now work the deadbolt and she and the dog are enjoying the vienna suasages out of the cat's bowl. Unclench your jaw threaten the child finish dressing throw child and luggage in car, turn on waltdisney cd and have tiny terrosrist say to you that you sound just like ursala the wicked queen in the little mermaid. drive 8 million miles to your brothers, listening to music deemed too cruel to play at gitmo. drink coffee. the end. start all over again at your brother's house. Good luck to you ironwoman


  1. that's right girl, sense of humor, that's what will keep you going! big hug to you...i think about you a lot and your broken heart. lots of love to you guys, we miss you!

  2. three will pass. then you might have a child to whom socks will never stick. and 30000 unmatching socks. marley taught us that your socks do not have to match, thank goodness.
    blessings to you :)