Friday, June 5, 2009

potato foot is her indian name

Today someone called me "young lady" In that hilarious jocular tone that young annoying bagboys save for the elderly. I did not cave in his forhead with my elderly fist because my four year old had already stepped on the costco cheesecake and I was at that very moment trying to hide it there at the checkout. She shamed me into buying it by announcing what are you doing with that cheesecake mama like she had a built in magaphone in that dainty throat. In fairness it was a costco Key lime cheesecake and they are so good I would cheerfully scrape it off her potato shaped foot and serve it up. Don't come to dinner at my house anytime soon. Love Valerie


  1. oh, my gosh!! I'm on the floor laughing....and I can't get up!

  2. Who could pass up anything from costcos bakery! Especially their cheesecake! When I have kids I will make sure I get their voiceboxes removed early! ; )