Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Happy Tuesday to me! I took Sophie to the pool tonight, frolicking about in the shallow end playing "alligator gone bad". Noticed some other parents watching me. Assumed that they were admiring my parenting skills not my right breast bobbing merrily along on the top of the water. They may not have recognized it as a breast since it is so sunburned that ir resembles bacon rather than skin. Then I went home to make spaghetti keeping up the mother of the year status and caught the stove on fire the whole stove. Luckily right now is the Law and Order SVU finale so I have reason to go on. Love Valerie


  1. i wish you could have dinner with us! ;) i'm glad you flashed those folks, they need some excitement to keep them going!

  2. Boobs Bobing...that is a tough mental picture!
    Oh I remember Bob said..." She's a really good mother...really good.!"
    Only really good mothers could play alligator with boobs floating....Can't wait to see you!
    Love Cassie