Friday, December 26, 2008

poor little nadia

Not a creature was stirring, except stewart little, maisy and Nadia Commenichi. We have captured 3 mice, just 475 more to go. We catch them by leaping and screaming and pushing them into a brita water filter pitcher. When it is warm enough we will release them into the wild. Or the neighbor's back yard. Poor little Nadia got her name because she usually is hanging from the mesh ceiling, little tears running down her mouse cheeks and splashing onto her tiny little medal.


  1. who catches them? and how? they are so fast, chris always tries to beat ling to the catch. i have woken in the middle of the night to ling batting around a dead bloody catch, GROSS! chris says he appreciates you being so mouse friendly! hope you guys had a merry christmas :)

  2. Hello, I came looking for your favorite toy post, but I see that you are busy catching mice. You do have delightful blog and a wonderful sense of humor.

  3. Thanks Molly and Kat, We are thinking of opening a mouse ranch, but it ttakes a lot of mice to make a big mac. valerie