Monday, December 1, 2008

Help, Help

I am sending out a desperate plea for help. Anyone having a broken breadmaker that they would like to get rid of, I would love to have it. I will gladly pay shipping. I need this because I threw away my mother's broken breadmaker. If you have been following this blog you know I am staying at her house looking after her as she has cancer. I spent the first few months at her house (it's been a year now) playing clean house and throwing out things like her broken breadmaker and her vast collection of M.C.Hammer pants (no lie, she was saving them because she was convinced they would come back in style) Why you ask would anyone throw away their mother, who has cancer's beloved broken breadmaker well the answer is I am a horrible person and in fairness she has every cooking item even invented and can't cook a thing. Now she is feeling better she is playing pioneer. we (I mean me) chop wood, hang our clothes on the line and grow our own vegtables. If there was a stream near by i would be required to beat the clothes on a rock. Anyay I told her the bread maker was in the basement with the other broken useless items we save forever in case someone in our family opens a broken humidifier store. Any way I have had to develop a whole story around the breadmaker but she is threatening to go in there and search. The humidifier avalanche would probabally maim if not kill her outright. She handled the news of terminal cancer well but hearing of the breadmaker's demise would prove too much for her. She would begin her own private jihad. I can't afford any more jihads. It was the breadmaker that looks like r2 d2 from starwars. I would really appreciate it. Thanks and Happy Holidays. Valerie


  1. Here goes Valerie!!!! :-)
    Too funny!
    [I'll keep an eye out for the machine}

  2. really? r2 d2? jasper is stoked and would also like to know where to get one! ;)

  3. i think you should go to goodwill or something. even if it is NOT broken, you could 'accidentally' drop it. it seems to me i see this sort of 'gently used' paraphenalia at thrift stores all the time. we got rid of ours for someones school fundraiser several years ago--i think it brought in about 50 cents. we still have the book 'bread machine baking for men' (yes, actual title) and every time my husband runs across that book he laments the loss of his bread machine. he and your mom should get together and make some manly bread, methinks. have you listened/read any of the little house books lately? i accidentally left the library's copy of the long winter at my mom's house when visiting and before she sent it back (2 months later) she listened to it. it should give you lots of ideas for your pioneer project. that ma is just amazing, i tell you. she didn't need a bread machine, broken or otherwise, OR a book to make manly bread. don't tell my husband but i do miss those days. he was getting pretty good at naan. glad we still have the ben & jerrys book and the ice cream maker. just tape it on.

  4. Thanks Sarah, That was really nice. I will check. My mom wants to do some canning next. I fear sheep shearing and bronc busting can't be far behind. Valerie