Friday, December 19, 2008

baby Jesus barbecue

Merry Christmas to all, this is Sophie's baby Jesus barbecue scene. She puts the mangers together and has the Jesus Families drive in a mini van to each other's homes. The wise men and the sheep look as if they were in a bad mini van accident on I-95, it was really Sophie and a red sharpie. That also explains the blood of the lambs on some of the lambs. Sophie added the lounge chairs and the giraffe. I think the Jesus's would be pleased. She has shunned the oversized wiseman who she thinks is carrying a hat full of barbaque chicken, and she thinks the angel is the blue fairy. It may be time for a crash course in Religion. I am asking anyone who reads this to list their favorite Christmas tradition. My favorite of course is the soon to be annual Christmas barbecue. Our only tradition other than that is the annual fight over the christmas tree. when to get it when to decorate it, do we really need all this crappy Christmas music, that's Ebeneezer Bob's addition. A few years ago when he wouldn't go to get a tree the night i wanted I went by myself. The tree fell of the top of my V.w. bug and was run over by a truck and two cars. I took it home anyway and cut off and enormous amount of thumb meat while trying to make it fit in the tree holder. The tree had huge empty chunks that the tires took out and my own blood. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight. Valerie


  1. oh...Valerie..I can hardly breathe, I'm laughing so hard....
    Sophie's imagination is amazing, but it doesn't surprise me at all. WIth you for mom she couldn't have been any other way :-)

  2. Valerie - You are FUNNY! As far as traditions, one is my husband and I watch "Love Actually" after the kids are in bed. Cheesy but true.