Friday, October 10, 2008


We are all up at Walter Ried again, for Mom's chemo. Things have been going really well, She seems to be doing well, Sophie is being good and at the moment there have been no major fights. Funny thing is now I feel like sobbing. I am scaring my three year old to death. she keeps saying "Mommy, what's wrong" Don't know whats wrong. Either I feel comfortable enough now to have a good cry and picked a very public time or this just seems like a good time for a complete breakdown since I am already at the hospital. Someone was nice enough to ask about adding me to their circle or friends or something like that. I tried to answer yes but ended up frying the whole computer. So if someone from homeland security shows up at your house I apologize. valerie


  1. aawwww... Valerie, you're funny even when you cry :-).
    I go thru those moments too, they come suddenly, I cry and then I am OK again. It's probably a good thing to just "let it out", or, at least, I feel that way.

  2. i say you feel safe, and that's a great thing! and you look NOTHING like tammy faye. hugs and kisses to you ladies! glad to hear the good news.