Tuesday, November 4, 2008

favorite things

My friend Kat recently listed some of her favorite things so of course I had to copy her. I started thinking about what my favorite things are. So here they are.

Of course family and friends, that goes without saying but for just things.

This room, our living room, makes me very happy especially when we have a fire and really good coffee.

The smell that touching tomato plants leaves on your hands. Gardening, The tomato plant is a picture of my garden at my mom's house this summer.

Sophie having friends in our neighborhood.

The beginning of a book by a favorite author.

Finding an episode of Law & Order with Lenny Briscow that I haven't seen.

Anything spooky or unexplained.

The fact that someone from Estonia looked at my blog.


Blog comments.

smothers brothers

People who are passionate about something.

Listening to David Sedaris on a book on C.D. on the long drive to and from my Mom's.

The beach in the fall

An interaction with a stranger that feels life changing, No smut please, I mean those moments you share with a stranger that feels very important. After my mother was diagnosed with cancer I was falling apart in the elevator at Walter Ried and a complete stranger wrapped her arms around me and told me it would be Ok. That seemed very brave and very kind to me.

The fact that chemotherapy exists.

Our old dog Lucy and our Chupacabra and possum mauler Lola.



  1. "cheese"......bwaaaahahahahahahaahahah

  2. love the Lucy picture!!! she looks so serene :-)

  3. dang sister, i miss you and wish you would move here! thanks for copying me copying i don't remember who on their blog, very insightful. do you have time to work on your book?

  4. Hi Valerie,

    I am Kat's friend Mel from Charlottesville. We met when Kat still lived down the street from you and down highway 64 from me. Just wanted to say hello. I am enjoying your blog! The picture of your lovely golden relaxing in the window made my day.

    All the best to you!

  5. Thanks Freeda bee, I read your blog, through Kat's. Really like it. Valerie