Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We are the only family in the neighborhood who own a chupacabra, we do not feel fortunate. The chupacabra came to us by way of the Richmond SPCA. The picture showed this leggy, sweet little puppy who had been locked alone in an abandoned apartment building. We have come to believe that she lived there with a family of five, and then there was one. I am sure they left out the fact that when they found her she was surrounded by the carcasses of Mexican goats, most suspicious. Chupacabras, for those of you too young to remember the x files, is a Mexican vampire dog, or something like that. Anyway they feast on goats, and couches and shirts and chairs and tin cans.

Lola, from the moment we got her, has been working to ruin our lives. We put her in the yard and she eats all the shirts off the line. jumping about 5 feet in the air to get them. We put her in the house and she stomps on our feet and ate our couch but not before eating or just opening 6 types of oil paint and walking around the house leaving 5 million permanent footprints. (She really did eat the Couch, at least she opened all the pillows and ran around in the down that fell like snow).
In our yard with the 6 foot fence we have found several murdered pigeons and a possum, the other suspect is a modest sweet retriever named Lucy. I think that there is a plot because my friend Kat also has a chupacabra, they don't call it that, they call it Rocket, but I know the truth. because the truth is out there.


  1. oh my gosh, that's funny!
    Poor Lola is just trying to show some affection and provide you with presents...:-)

  2. aaah, our chupacabra only eats tootsie rolls (aka cat poop) when we are not looking. must be a slight variation in breed ! ;)

  3. Love that painting of your chupacabra!